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Starshine Jungle

By SecretSeller

Bedrock Dreams

Length: Amazing

Objectives: 3 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Awesome

For Minecraft The best one

Map Type: Perfect

At long last, the greatly awaited sequel to the map that changed CTM forever is here! Welcome to a world of pain and suffering, a brutal challenge that will test your every limit. Featuring 3 fully functional (not actually functional) dungeons and one bonus record dungeon, all designed to make you go "What on earth...?" Play with your friends! Or don't, because it's a single player map, and it doesn't work in multiplayer. Explore the ruins of a lost and ancient world, because you're bored and that new Render map is really easy and you already beat it deathless amirite (don't hurt me Render). Can you pass the greatest challenge of all, or will you fall to the evils of Count Woolfric and his evil army?

Made with the help of Chipmunk46!