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Mysterious Territory

By DreamCity Studio


Length: Medium

Objectives: 12 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.14

Map Type: Branching

Hey minimalist (and austerity) are pretty good, what if the same style is made by mapmakers from Taiwan? Take on the challenge and defeat monsters inside 17 cubes of 50! There are dozens of custom items, mobs and even a final boss! Shame that they did not credit Fang in any way. Anyways, it takes (hopefully) 5 hours to complete and is relatively similar to austerity with 3 intersections in total. Play on 1.14 only. 1.15.2 does NOT work. Play with singleplayer or 2p.

anyways here is the chinese version of the description :v 夢都秘境,一個屬於夢想之都團員的奇思妙想之地。 在每個 50x50x50的區域大小中,企劃、建築材質到指令都各具特色,而身為冒險者的你,能夠通過夢想之都的秘境中的考驗嗎?Dream City Secret Realm, a whimsical place belonging to the members of the Dream City. In each 50x50x50 area size, planning, building materials and instructions have their own characteristics. As an adventurer, can you pass the test in the secret realm of the dream city?

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