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Soul Reaper

By Krose

Extreme Adventures

Length: Short

Objectives: 4 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.8

Map Type: Open World

You are the last of your Order in a Realm that has fallen to ruin whilst you were away. The four Elements, comprising the Pattern, have been removed from their sacred monuments and taken to dungeons guarded by those who killed your friends. Your aim is to re-establish the Pattern, to restore your Order and to kill the evil Krose, who brought about these atrocities. Your path is clear, yet you waver. Brought back from the wastes of the future, you are a shadow of your former self. You have limited health and have but one remaining Sanctuary: the waters of the Pure Lake. This is a very difficult 4-objective CTM map. You begin the map with almost no health, and can only recover by submerging yourself in the waters of the Pure Lake. The further you progress through the map, the more health you shall have! This map will likely take more than 1 hour to complete. Dare your friends to an intense multiplayer experience! The recommended order of areas is first the White Wool dungeon, followed by the Orange, Magenta and Light Blue wool.

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