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Starchart Episode 1: The Creeping Dark

By AdamDJM, Cold Fusion, Exonoesis, RenderXR, and Stetofire


Length: Short

Objectives: 3 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft Bedrock

Map Type: Open World

Beware the creeping shadows in this free rerelease of Starchart: The Creeping Dark for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Uncover the secrets of a lost civilization with a voice-acted story and a colorful cast of characters. But stay vigilant. The shadows don't want you here...

Watch the trailer here:

Map by: AdamDJM, Cold Fusion, Exonoesis, RenderXR, and Stetofire
With additional help from: ColorfulSkyWisps, VibrantSkullz, and Aurabolt
Special thanks to rockenroll4life for supporting the original Minecraft Marketplace release of this content.

Installation instructions:
Install Minecraft for Windows through the Minecraft launcher. Double-click the downloaded .mcworld file. The map will automatically be added to your worlds list. Play and have fun!