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Kitten's Revolt

By The Cool Cats Cuteyard

Kitten's Revolt Series

Length: Medium

Objectives: 10 required + 8 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Map Type: Branching

Designed by 8 different mapmakers, Kitten's Revolt is the result of a mapping challenge taken on by many, where the goal was to quickly make a medium sized map in just a week. While the time constraints were not met, the project was successfully completed. Each area was built by a different mapmaker, with a random adjective and noun determining the theme. Collect wool in the color of the rainbow as you delve into each of these unique and interesting dungeons! This map contains areas from the following mapmakers: Athena, Blam, Deneb, Fornan_II, Omegaplayer, PearUhDox, Tala, and Teewie.