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By RenderXR the famous map maker

Untold Stories

Length: Long

Objectives: 16 required + 81 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.19.3

Map Type: Open World

Downloads: 3797

Assault dangerous castles with arcane wands.
Explore grand landscapes with mystery around every corner.
Uncover the secrets that haunt the forlorn towers. Untold Stories: Castlemania.

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The Void Isle

By Gyrgon

The Isles

Length: Medium

Objectives: 7 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Map Type: Open World

Downloads: 362

This open world CTM offers quite a bit of exploration to be done, but beware the peril that lurks around every corner of this mysterious island...