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Featured Map

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Fallen Paradise

By Gizmo


Length: Short

Objectives: 3 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Map Type: Linear

Downloads: 443

After the fall of a great kingdom, the world is on the edge of a war... You must explore the ruins of this once almighty kingdom, complete the altar and maybe even found out what happened to the place... This map uses Cartographer by PearUhDox and Custom Music by Enshano!

Random Map

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No Mercy #2: Deserted Caves

By GayBigma (Roberto)

No Mercy

Length: Long

Objectives: 12 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Romhack Hard

For Minecraft 1.6.4

Map Type: Linear Branching

Downloads: 274

The second map in the No Mercy Series! A romhack hard map made when I was very young and had no idea how to make a map at all!