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Featured Map

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Divinity's End

By The DE Team


Length: Long

Objectives: 13 required + 16 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Map Type: Branching

Downloads: 1443

Divinity's End is a massive collaborative CTM map featuring areas from some of the best mapmakers the CTMC has to offer. As the final entry on the Pantheon series, it features action packed, heavily customized gameplay for you to enjoy either by yourself or with as many friends as you want.

Random Map

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Syzygy Mines

By 14er


Length: Medium

Objectives: 16 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.8

Map Type: Branching

Downloads: 147

Can you beat the map? Delve into long-abandoned mines and try to collect 16 wool before you just give up. I describe this map as a poorly executed Inferno Mines ripoff.