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Ragecraft IV: Underworld

By heliceo & suso


Length: Very Long

Objectives: 16 required + 12 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Map Type: Semi-Open World

Downloads: 3273

This large, semi-open world CTM map offers more than 50h of gameplay. Fight your way through hordes of custom monsters with unique attacks, craft your own powerful items, and descent into the darkest depths of the underworld to retrieve the 16 crystals. This map can be played in Singleplayer or Multiplayer, 1-3 players are recommended.

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Terra Restore 2 Episode 3

By Mithey

Terra Restore

Length: Very Long

Objectives: 9 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.9 (works in 1.10.2)

Map Type: Branching

Downloads: 958

This is Episode 3 (of 6) in Terra Restore 2. It contains 9 wool out of 16. The map is INCOMPLETE so don't ask why there are only 9 wool. Thanks.