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Titan's Revolt

By ProjectCTM

The Pantheon Series

Length: Long

Objectives: 16 required + 12 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Map Type: Branching

Created by over 20 talented map makers and nearly 5 years in the making, the sequel to the acclaimed Pantheon finally arrives: TITAN'S REVOLT.

Featuring some of the most challenging gameplay, unique mechanics, and beautiful areas seen in a CTM, be prepared for a real challenge as you lead the fight against the Titans and complete the monument.

Managed over the years by Fangride, Csillagvihar, Hybran, Taschneide, and Rockenroll4life, we are proud to finally present this absolutely massive map!

With 16 wool to collect, in the classic 1.8.9 style, featuring work from mapmakers like Fangride, ElRichMC & KillerCreeper55, WallcraftMC, Csillagvihar, Kaladun, TikaroHD, Krose, The_Sketch, Blade933, Ragirk, Drago, Draco_Rogue, Xethyros, and many more, with countless amazing CTM maps under their belts, this map may well be the greatest CTM challenge you will ever play.

We wish you luck. You'll need it. The Titans are waiting for you.

Complete List of Mapmakers in ProjectCTM: Fangride, Taschneide, Hybran, Rockenroll4life, Csillagvihar, LULZ180, Kaladun, MistaGrinch, McWeaksauce, TikaroHD, TheXhen, Krose, ElrichMC, KillerCreeper55, The_Sketch, Browneye414, Drago, Draco_Rogue, bRanN, Xethyros, Bioshockfan90, WittyWhiscash, TyPlaysGames, coolfool88, Blade933, Stickers1342, Catproductions, Fornan2, Wallcraft99, Teewie