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Divinity's End

By The DE Team


Length: Long

Objectives: 13 required + 16 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Map Type: Branching

You have overcome the cruelty of the Gods...

You have conquered the realms of the Titans...

The age of humanity has come...

Embark on your last journey in the third and final map of the Pantheon series. Conquer dangerous realms and looming citadels in your quest to save all of reality in a full-length, epic scale CTM featuring new mapmakers and areas!

Are you ready to change the world? ...Are you ready for Divinity’s End?

Full Credit

Project leads and Organizers:
Asometric, Browneye, Chipmunk, Csillagvihar, Nava, PearUhDox, Suso

Area leads:
Apollo, Asometric, Blade, Browneye, Caecilleus, Chipmunk, Cold Fusion, Gunter, Nava, Kunii, KVT, PearUhDox, Omegaslime, ResolvedTerror, RenderXR, Suso, Ty

Extra help:
Fangride, Gibbs, McTsts, Taschneide, Teewie

Hosting reality itself:
Victor sueca