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By Gizmo & Cango


Length: Medium

Objectives: 4 required + 8 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.17.1

Map Type: Open World

After a worldwide disaster, you must explore a ruined mall to find a way to cure your family who have fallen ill with a fatal and mysterious infection. But what horrors lurk within?

On your adventure, you'll find tons of loot, custom enemies, custom abilities and threatening areas.

Unlike most CTMs, this one doesn't include a monument, instead you are the monument, and along with that, there is more than just one ending to this...

This map makes use of many custom textures, custom music by Enshano and Cae, Cartographer by PearUhDox, RenderXR's Legacy food system, and some more mechanics.

Will you survive? Or will you be another victim to this post apocalyptic world.

CONTENT WARNING: this map contains some minor themes of horror.