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Songs of the Constellation



Length: Medium

Objectives: 11 required + 0 bonus

Difficulty: Medium

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Map Type: Linear

Songs of the Constellation was created by over 30 mapmakers in the span of 24h for the Musicfire event. Each team worked on their own piece of the world to design an area around a specific song of the map's soundtrack. Are you ready to explore the shape of the stars?

Mod Warning: Playing the map using a modified client or server may cause major issues. Performance client-side mods are typically safe to use.

Multiplayer: Make sure to play on an unmodified server. The resourcepack for the map can be found inside of the world file as, and every player must install it.

Full Credits:

Organisers & Compilers: Asometric & Enshano

Music Composers: AnonymousBadger, Caecilleus, Enshano, Quillver & SuperKirby
CTM Music Repository:

Cartographer: PearUhDox

Area 1: Compsogbrickus, Gizmo & xKosmic
Area 2: Mr. Speech, Sw3aterCS & Tris
Area 3: Atlas, Jun & Lifeofchrome
Area 4: Dom, Quillver & Sporcle
Area 5: CounterCoffee, Oli, Pk_Deer & SuperKirby
Area 6: Zucth
Area 7: Jakkaboi & Redox
Area 8: CooleyBrekka, Falcn & Firestorm
Area 9: GeoCobra & Saihoku_hiroppi
Area 10: Caecilleus, KVT & RenderXR
Area 11: BeastMaster, PearUhDox, Rhino & RockNRed