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Trials of the Sorcerer

By Comp & Gizmo


Length: Medium

Objectives: 6 required + 10 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.19.4

Rating: 5.0000

Map Type: Open World

Summoned as a desperate cry for help from a broken world, you must set out on a perilous journey to uncover the many mysteries of this land and save who remains.

A combat focused challenging open world CTM featuring a large variety of custom loot, and many relentless enemies. To stand a chance, you'll need to find synergies and builds which best suit your playstyle to gain strength.

Full Credits:
Lead Map Makers - Compsogbrickus, Gizmo
Map Makers - Quillver, Matoreichon, Forite, Mr. Speech
Textures & Art Help - Compsogbrickus, RockNRed, xKosmic
Music Composers - Eniah, Quillver
Story & Lore - Gizmo, Compsogbrickus
Mechanics & Mechanic Help - Gizmo, Compsogbrickus, PearUhDox, RenderXR, CooleyBrekka, RockNRed, Codzilla, Godlander, 14er, Crowdford
Tools & Datapacks Used - Cartographer, Bow Attributes, D.I.E.S, Suso Nats, BSE, Mason, Legacy Food, 14erEdit, FAWE, Mcstacker, Amulet, Voxel Sniper, Misode Worldgen Generator, Player Skin Models, RNG Datapack
Beta Testers - Quillver, Tris & Rhino, NyKi, RockNRed, PearUhDox, Sequex, Cango & Orian, Mowse & Jake, Spooxie, Krys

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