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Trials of the Sorcerer

By Comp & Gizmo


Length: Medium

Objectives: 6 required + 10 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.19.4

Rating: 5.0000

Map Type: Open World

Summoned as a desperate cry for help from a broken world, you must set out on a perilous journey to uncover the many mysteries of this land and save who remains.

A combat focused challenging open world CTM featuring a large variety of custom loot, and many relentless enemies. To stand a chance, you'll need to find synergies and builds which best suit your playstyle to gain strength.

Full Credits:
Lead Map Makers - Compsogbrickus, Gizmo
Map Makers - Quillver, Matoreichon, Forite, Mr. Speech
Textures & Art Help - Compsogbrickus, RockNRed, xKosmic
Music Composers - Eniah, Quillver
Story & Lore - Gizmo, Compsogbrickus
Mechanics & Mechanic Help - Gizmo, Compsogbrickus, PearUhDox, RenderXR, CooleyBrekka, RockNRed, Codzilla, Godlander, 14er, Crowdford
Tools & Datapacks Used - Cartographer, Bow Attributes, D.I.E.S, Suso Nats, BSE, Mason, Legacy Food, 14erEdit, FAWE, Mcstacker, Amulet, Voxel Sniper, Misode Worldgen Generator, Player Skin Models, RNG Datapack
Beta Testers - Quillver, Tris & Rhino, NyKi, RockNRed, PearUhDox, Sequex, Cango & Orian, Mowse & Jake, Spooxie, Krys

Recent Comments


2024-04-06 15:43:24

Top 3 best CTM maps of 2023. yeah.


2024-03-20 04:58:24

Trials of the Sorcerer is an amazing map, really well balanced, has a lot of difficult challenges and a fun combat system that feels very fluid, and is fantastic at what it does! Go play it!

Prout 1234

2024-01-17 12:46:18

Really great map !! Fun with friends


2024-01-17 10:26:12

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.


2024-01-17 09:48:47

Absolutely insane map, really loving the gameplay design. Hats off to you Gizmo and Comp! <3


2024-01-17 09:37:26

Banger After Banger, Banger After Banger. Repeat it!


2024-01-17 09:35:47

Trials of the Sorcerer is a difficult, fast-paced map heavily dependent on cartographer. With 6 primary objectives and 10 bonus objectives, the map provides several hours of gameplay to enjoy with many secrets and rewards to find. The map is catered to strategic explorers and fast-paced fighters. While difficult, the map is not very punishing so I highly recommend for a solid challenge!


2024-01-17 09:12:20

Banger :speaking_head: Banger


2024-01-17 04:57:11

This is an absolutely amazing map, and everybody should go play it!