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Ragecraft IV: Underworld

By heliceo & suso


Length: Very Long

Objectives: 16 required + 12 bonus

Difficulty: Hard

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Rating: 5.0000

Map Type: Semi-Open World

This large, semi-open world CTM map offers more than 50h of gameplay. Fight your way through hordes of custom monsters with unique attacks, craft your own powerful items, and descent into the darkest depths of the underworld to retrieve the 16 crystals. This map can be played in Singleplayer or Multiplayer, 1-3 players are recommended.

Custom textures by cocoacollei
Music by Eniah and David Fesliyan and AnonymousBadger

Note: This map is not compatible with any mods other than Sodium. Using any mods (including Forge, Spigot, Paper, Essentials, or Fabric with anything other than Sodium) will result in the map breaking.

For servers: This map includes a resource pack that all players must install. If you would like to make it so players can automatically install the resource pack, edit your and change the following two lines:
Or as a direct download:

Recent Comments


2024-05-10 02:57:33

One of the greatest CTM map I've ever played.


2024-05-07 19:02:32

16 / 16, 112 / 113 emeralds, 49 deaths and 60h of playtime, I can say this is the best CTM map I ever played, it´s just gorgeous! Complete walktrough ESP


2024-05-04 11:53:28

How much ram do you recommend to create a server? with 3 players, I have looked for information about that but I have not found it


2024-05-03 06:05:34

16/16 111/113 Emeralds 123 Deaths ~80h of Playtime CTM of all time Thank you


2024-04-27 12:33:55

the best of all time


2024-04-25 08:10:52

how to last the music outside the hub


2024-04-24 15:23:46



2024-04-18 12:00:50

I've just finished the first chapter and I can already say... This is the greatest CTM map I'll ever play. Thanks to Heliceo and all the contributors who made this project possible. I can't wait for your next projects See ya!


2024-04-16 22:06:35

Well Well Well Well Well I didn't think someone could get me back to playing CTM maps, yet here we are. An absolutely amazing map so far, so cheers to you, Helicio!


2024-04-16 06:59:42

It's really amazing, I'm enjoying it so much! Thank you very much!